Our Team

At The General®, the Data Science team combines advanced programming skills and intimate data understanding with compelling narratives to tell a better story and drive change.


James Bertrand

Machine Learning Engineer

James is on a never-ending quest to satisfy his desires to learn about technology and build solutions that make people’s lives easier. A once-aspiring-audio-engineer-turned-passionate-software-developer, James works with the other MLEs to develop cutting-edge solutions that allow the Data Scientists to focus on building their incredible models without worry of the surrounding pipelines and system implementation. When not revolutionizing the world of productionalized machine learning at The General, James enjoys kicking back with friends, going on adventures, learning about anything and everything nerdy, and volunteering as the sound engineer at his church.

John Burke

Data Scientist

John spent several years as a hard-touring lead guitarist of a now long-forgotten rock n’ roll band before turning his interests to economics. After graduating from Belmont University, he worked in economic consulting where he discovered his passion for programming, before eventually finding his way to the Data Science team at The General®. In his spare time John enjoys trying new restaurants with family and friends, making noise with his old rock n’ roll buddies, and most of all, hanging out on the couch with his beloved boxer, Darlah.

Tim Dobbins

Data Scientist

I build software to solve problems, whether that’s at The General® (where I’m currently using natural language processing to make our claims process more efficient) or at home (where I’m trying to predict when my son will need his inhaler using allergen, air-quality, weather data, and a Raspberry-Pi). When I’m not writing code, I’m usually hanging out and avoiding crowds with my wife and son. I think Tech Debt would be a cool band name.

Mike Kehayes

Machine Learning Engineer

At The General® I write software to put models into production, monitor those models, and set up automated re-training pipelines. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, training my puppy, going hiking, being in the sun, and traveling. Is this the year the Titans make the Super Bowl?

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.” –Bruce Lee

Chris Morgan

Data Science Manager

Chris strives to be at the intersection of data and strategy, connecting business owners to actionable solutions by telling a better story. While his first love is statistics and he will always enjoy a good regression model, his focus has shifted to leading the team and defining data science strategy within the organization. When not building predictive models to make customers’ lives easier, he enjoys traveling, playing Euchre, anything outdoors, and trying to solve humanity’s addiction to texting and driving. He resides with his wife Amber and son Casen in Nashville.


Nathan Mori

Data Scientist

Nathan is a convert to data science from bridge engineering and a transplant to Nashville from the Pacific Northwest. As a data scientist, Nathan enjoys using programming and analytics to solve business problems. Outside of work, you can find Nathan spending time with family, rooting for Seattle sports teams, golfing about once a year, or eating anywhere with spicy food.

Taylor Perkins

Machine Learning Engineer

Taylor is a Machine Learning Engineer at The General. Taylor came from a web development background that turned data science. This shift is ultimately what led him to the machine learning engineer role that he is in today, pairing both web development and data science. In his spare time, Taylor teaches at Nashville Software School, practices music, and plays a whole lot of Rocket League.

Jack Pitts

Machine Learning Engineer

International Business grad turned data guy. I enjoy developing data-driven solutions to complex business problems and learning new technologies along the way. Outside of “work”, you can find me bothering my wife with too much football, traveling, or over-analyzing cooking methods.