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Growing a Data Science Team

Our team was created in mid-2016 and we have certainly had our share of growing pains, but we are ecstatic for the current direction we are taking and what the future holds.  We have great support from our senior leadership, which allows us to stay singularly focused on data science and to avoid the many distractions of ad hoc business analytics and “nice-to-knows” of so many data-driven questions.  How we have arrived to this point has not been by chance: we maintain a selective hiring process, have been intentional in what projects we take on, and have a clear vision.

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No Data Scientist is an Island: Thoughts on Effective Communication

As data scientists our job often resembles that of a consultant: we build models to answer questions for business owners whose expertise is different than our own.  Though we jump at the opportunity to learn new algorithms, tools, and languages—all integral to the role—there is one consulting-related aspect of the role in which we may find ourselves falling a little short, and in the process contributing to a not-unjustified “ivory tower” view of data scientists.  That aspect is effective communication.

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