AutoRegressed: A Blog Was Born

We love what we do and want to share our passions with you.  We hope to highlight how The General® is using data science to make our customers’ lives easier.

The creation of a tech blog started while attending a conference to learn more about the direction of the InsurTech industry.  We were discussing the increasing importance for individuals to have an online presence – be it a Github page, Twitter account, or personal blog – and how much of an advantage that gave to prospective employees during the hiring process.  This conversation occurred at the same time we were starting to build out the Data Science team here at The General.  As a young team, we experienced our share of growing pains and wanted to separate ourselves from other companies in the highly competitive Nashville market.

When The General first recruited us, we mostly had similar thoughts along the lines of: “Who? They have a data science team?”  But during the interview process something changed and we quickly saw what an incredible opportunity this was, to help build data science at The General from the ground up.  Many of The General employees have worked here for more than a decade, and the amount of industry knowledge and experience we can leverage never ceases to amaze us.  We hope to lead the change of how prospective employees see The General – from a small auto-insurance carrier to a premier tech shop, especially in the local community.

We hope to keep our audience engaged through a variety of posts ranging from highly technical to describing how we operate as a team to the tools we work with. Inspired by the likes of StitchFixUber, and Netflix, we present to you: AutoRegressed. We welcome your readership.

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